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Yeah! Got in the excuses category.

Leaving the office tonight I couldn’t believe ow old it was and the thought of getting home after then going back out to the gym was too much to take.

I decided instead to do a round of ab exercises as I haven’t done any in quite a while.

That’s it, filed nicely under excuses.

So last night was a night out a Reflection Marketing’s charity bash in Sutton Coldfield.

With some great company, a bit of money going to a good cause – Birmingham Children’s Hospital – and a bit too much to drink, I woke this morning feeling very much the worse for wear and pretty much certain that there was no way I was going to do Insanity, unlike Claire who soldiered on!

So I have just managed to grab some weights and work on my arms, biceps curls etc, no jumping around, no feeling sick.

My first real excuse for Juneathon, but still managed to do a bit, so I’m saying it counts.

Back to the madness tomorrow.