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I’ve decided to move my blog posts to a new home, for both Juneathon and Janathon. If you’re bored and want to read you can find more articles here…


As old jog blog was asking people on Facebook if they had jogged and blogged I realised I hadn’t so far this Janathon… jogged that is.

So after a bit of HIT on the bike, then some chest and triceps weight work I decided to do a 1km jog on the treadmill. What a mistake that was. I realise now why I don’t really like running and I’m sure if it makes you feel like that then it can’t be good to you.

Back to walking and weights tomorrow I think!

Well today was Cardio Recovery from Insanity, which is basically a lot of stretching. While not actually good at it, I am getting better with most of the stretches.

Deciding to test my fitness levels post stretching, I decided to go for a run, my first in ages and the results weren’t great. I’d planned to go for a 2km run, but just over 1km in, my legs were killing. The only good sign is I wasn’t out of breath, guessing jumping around doesn’t help the old shins!