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With my birthday coming up, I decided to add a few bad things to my diet to see it affected my weight loss and I’m guessing that drinking alcohol really does impact the diet.

Bad things I ate/drank this weekend:

  • Red Wine (across Friday and Saturday – about 2 and half bottles!)
  • Chocolate (instead of the normal 70% dark, I had some 40%)
  • A Glass of Baileys

All-in-all, not exactly going crazy, but would it have an overall affect on my diet?

According to Dr Briffa,in his book Waist Disposal, alcohol does have a negative effect on weight loss, but also has other negative health issues, such as chance of raised heart disease. The good doctor also has some tips for drinking more responsibly, which I don’t always follow!

The overall effect of all this is that I have put on 2lb across the weekend – boo, but as overall I had lost 6lbs this week, I’m still 4lbs down!

So, so, so, sooo p’ed off!

So, I’ve been weighing myself everyday watching the changes, mainly maintain, loss or a slight gain.

Today +4lbs!! Eh, I’ve stuck to the low carb diet.

So, my next change is to only weigh myself weekly and not be disappointed with daily fluctuations!!

Quick update – lost 3lbs today, so overall lost 3 1/2lbs in second week – so not bad at all, but reminder to self is not to weigh daily!