Claire needed coffee and I needed an excuse not to go to the gym.

Grabbing my woolly hat for good reason I headed to the local shop via the nearby Rugby and football club, which worked out to a nice fast 2km walk, grabbed the coffee and back in time for dinner.

With the snow due to fall it may be several days before I can get to the gym… hopefully!


Didn’t really want to do anything today, in fact, I actively planned to do nothing, but then The Claw persuaded me to for a little (3km) walk.

It looked a bit chilly, but I decided to forego the woolly hat. What a mistake!!

It was absolutely freezing, by the time I got back my head and ears were throbbing and it took thirty minutes to stop hurting.

This health stuff is good for us eh?!

HITting the bike again, getting faster, so seems to be working.

The rest of the workout was based on the Hugh Jackman workout, not that I look anything like him, but I’m trying out the principle of low rep, high weight workouts to try and build up my weedy arms!!

Finished off with a 1km walk on the treadmill.