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Had a very busy day today, so a quick workout when I got back home, just did back and biceps, did some dead lifts that always make me feel like my back has gone.

See if I can fit in the gym tomorrow.


Knowing I was busy at work today I decided to go for a fast lunch walk down the hill to Sutton town, popped into m&s for their tasty piri piri chicken.

I set the ol Nike+ app on the iPhone and headed out.

After a fast walk around the town and a brisk uphill struggle at the end I got ack to the office – 2 easy km in the bag… Or so I thought.

Being a busy day I got back in, threw everything on my desk and carried on working. Then, mid meeting the nice Nike lady kindly informed me that at 3hrs 41mins I have done my longest (time) run (walk) at a massive 2km distance.

Thanks Nike lady!!

Claire needed coffee and I needed an excuse not to go to the gym.

Grabbing my woolly hat for good reason I headed to the local shop via the nearby Rugby and football club, which worked out to a nice fast 2km walk, grabbed the coffee and back in time for dinner.

With the snow due to fall it may be several days before I can get to the gym… hopefully!