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I’ve decided to move my blog posts to a new home, for both Juneathon and Janathon. If you’re bored and want to read you can find more articles here…


The last day of Juneathon, I’m hung over, knackered and feeling much the worse for ware after a night out for my mate Martin’s birthday.

So today’s activity is:

  • 0.5 mile walk from the car park in Brum to Starbucks
  • 0.5 mile walk around Bullring with Charlotte looking for shoes
  • 0.5 mile walk back to the car park

Well, it’s all over for another year, roll on Janathon!


Day 29 and I’m nearly find with Juneathon yeah!! But about to start the second leg of Insanity boo!!

So while all you juneathoners can relax put you feet up n enjoy July, I’ll still be sweating, crying and screaming!!

Oh yep, I did do some work today too – core cardio balance and a few biceps curls.